ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversions

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ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversions
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Brand / Company: ZENVANZ
Product / Service: Camper Van Conversions
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Affordable DIY conversion kits for camper vans!

The ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversions are perfect for those who cannot afford expensive adventure vans, but what to transform their camper vans into one! Conversion kits are the best of both worlds, allowing you to save time by using a kit measured and fabricated by someone else, and save money by installing the kit yourself! Perfect for someone like me who is handy with a power drill but not too comfortable making cabinetry.

The ZENVANZ DIY van kit made from aluminum exoskeleton and bent bamboo panels, all together it is a complete cabinetry and component system that you install into your van using factor holes. This allows you to remove the cabinets and convert you van back to a daily driver, or if you'd like to upgrade or redesign the interior.

I really like how each kit comes with an interior galley kitchen, and room to upgrade with things like a fridge, a propane cooktop, a sink and more! The kit also brings a lot of storage, such as 10 cabinets, a three panel bed system that is removable, stackable, and sleeps two, as well as a port-a-potty that slides out!

I'd love to get a ZENVANZ van kit one day!

If anyone is interested in the ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversion kits, check out the source link up above! I think they're really amazing.


- Customizable conversion kit.
- Removable and upgradable.
- Lots of space, cabinets, beds and more.
- Turns your van into an adventure van for less time and money spent!

Bottom Line:

I would love to get a conversion kit one day. I recommend it to anyone wishing to transform their van for an affordable price!

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ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversions - Campers
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ZENVANZ Camper Van Conversions - Campers
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