Armadillo Conquistador

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Armadillo Conquistador
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Brand / Company: MAN Truck
Product / Service: Armadillo Conquistador
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There's luxury RVs.. and then there is THIS luxury RV. Mind blown.

Forget what you know about luxury RVs, as nothing can compare to this beast of a MAN Truck. I have a deep love for both off-road beasts and sweet looking campers, but the Armadillo Conquistador is the best of both worlds wrapped up with a hard military style schell. I would love to drive one of these luxury campers, nevermind even live in one!

The Armadillo Conquistador is the ultimate 8x8 RV hybrid with all the comforts of a high end condo. This mammoth weighs 43 tonnes and is 11 metres long! That can easily house 5 people. The interior spots 2 televisions, 3 refrigerators and a beautiful looking bathroom. If that wasn't stunning enough, it has a terrace and a sun deck. All part of the RV! I know, crazy right? But that's not all.. The terrace is on the roof, and there's a motorcycle lift! I think i've fallen in love.

Under the hood, this Global expedition vehicle has enough raw power to get all 43 tonnes moving at a steady 93mph! It sports a 5.0 V8 engine with the pulling power of over 480 horses.

A man can only dream of driving and experiencing the luxuries of a MAN Truck like this. Currently, the Armadillo Conquistador is only available in China, and despite being requests from Europe, there are no plans for it to branch out of the East Asian nation unfortunately. I'll just have to keep a look out for any news in the future!

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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Armadillo Conquistador - Campers
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