Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite

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Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite
Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite - Image 2
Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite - Image 3
Brand / Company: Travel Lite
Product / Service: Falcon F-24BH GT
Price: $20,999 USD
Rating From Rob White
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A sleek towing trailer with style, comfort and functionality!

Summer is just around the corner, and it's got me thinking about campers! The Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite is renown as the easiest and safest towing trailer, which means I could make all the family memories I want, time and time again.

The Falcon F-24BH has a dry weight with standard equipment of 3,215 pounds and dry tongue weight ot 345 pounds. You can bring the whole family with you without having to haul extra weight, as this camper features separate rear bunk beds with charging stations built into them, as well as a slide-out large dinette/bed and a queen bed with under bed storage. Complete with a bathroom, shower, skylight, microwave, O.H.C. and more - the Falcon F-24BH is a must have for any aspiring camper.

I would love to have this camper with me as I go through Colorado to find the best camping spot this summer. Imagine: a great evening out on the docks, only to return to this cozy camper. Crack open a beer and look out the skylight. Perfect for those who love camping, but don't want to sleep with the bugs! If anyone would like to check out the camper further, click on the source link up above!

Falcon F-24BH, Travel Lite, Camper
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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite - Campers
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Falcon F-24BH from Travel Lite - Campers
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