The Travel Machine from Tipoon

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Brand / Company: Tipoon
Product / Service: The Travel Machine
Price: $30,000 USD
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An innovative mobile and modular camper pod that triples its size with the push of a button!

The Travel Machine from Tipoon is an amazing concept. A brand new kind of travel camper. It is a movable pod that can expand the internal living area up to three times its original size with the single click of a remote control. According to Tiphoon's website, The Travel Machine is easy-to-tow and lightweight, with the ability to switch between three modes -fully open, half open, and closed- in just seconds!

The Travel Machine is the pod, designed to sit atop a utility trailer. It can expand and have the interior configured four different ways. In just this pod, you can have a single sleeper, two-bed sleeper, king-size sleeper, and dining area, as well as a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet! I can just imagine how quick and easy it would be to transform the space-saving furniture to make the most of the space. The storage and slide out furniture allow for even a family of 4 to camp in there, without sacrificing comfort!

This concept is definitely a fave. I'm looking forward to hearing more about it in the future. If anyone else is interested in travel campers or this concept, check out the source link up above!


- Small and mobile.
- Expandable interior that becomes large and comfortable.
- Custom made with a variety of personalized colours and accessories.


- Cost is likely going to be very high.
- Insurance may be high.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I really enjoy this concept. If I had the money, i'd love to invest in this.

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The Travel Machine from Tipoon - Campers
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