Retro Travel Trailer 190BH

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Retro Travel Trailer 190BH
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Brand / Company: Riverside RVs
Product / Service: Retro Travel Trailer 190BH
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A sleek lightweight RV with fantastic features and room for a whole family!

I have been checking out some RVs lately, daydreaming about taking a road trip and camping this summer. I came across the Retro Travel Trailer 190BH from Riverside RVs and was very impressed. I could just imagine camping out in this trailer, traveling has never looked so appealing to me.

I really love the sleek lines and curves, the stand-out colors on the exterior, and of course the fantastic features of the Riverside Retro RV. Despite my initial thought of its small size, the layout and floor plan makes brilliant use of the space available. There is space for rear storage and a bed closet, a 32'' x 75'' bunk, a 60'' x 76'' queen bed, a dinette, fridge, tub, toilet and sink, and oven and sink counter. Everything I'd need in one cozy space!

Perhaps one day I'll purchase a travel trailer like this and hit the road. That's the dream! If anyone else is interested in the Retro Travel Trailer 190BH by Riverside, click on the images up above.


- The Retro Standard features include everything I would want
- Fits a whole family
- Fridge and oven
- AC and heating
- Large range of optional features to add
- Several exterior color options

Bottom Line:

This travel RV is awesome. I look the design and colors. One day I hope to chill out in an RV like this!

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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Retro Travel Trailer 190BH - Campers
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Retro Travel Trailer 190BH - Campers
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