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Skycamp by iKamper
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Brand / Company: iKamper
Product / Service: Skycamp
Price: $1,950 - $2,150 USD
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An innovative, portable roof top tent that takes seconds to set-up!

What an amazing camper! A large, mobile and comfortable roof top tent that allows you to stop wherever and camp using your vehicle - so easy, convenient and not to mention fun!

The idea of having my own private room, or a room for 4 of my family members or closest friends, while travelling to unknown places makes me so excited. With this, you could just take off after work to camp with a roof top tent and be a part of nature.

The Skycamp is hard-shell roof top tent with the added space of a fold-out tent. It is very easy to set up and take down, according to iKamper, it takes less than a minute to set up. The Skycamp features a clamshell design in which the hard roof fold to the side and acts as a tent wall. There is a bonus feature to the configuration, a transparent "skyview" panel in the roof canvas that gives you a beautiful view of the stars as you lie in bed. It even has a high-density king size memory foam mattress!

For any other camper lovers out there, check out the iKamper website sourced above! It's such a neat camping addition.

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Skycamp by iKamper - Campers
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Skycamp by iKamper - Campers
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