Iconic 1960 photo of Johnny Cash in Nashville

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Iconic 1960 photo of Johnny Cash in Nashville
Brand / Company: Michael Ochs Archives
Product / Service: Johnny Cash in Nashville 1960
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The perfect gift for any fan of classic stars!

This iconic, limited edition framed image from the Michael Ochs Archives shows Johnny Cash, the American singer-songwriter/guitarist/actor/author, in Nashville, Tennessee in 1960 as he lays back on a couch while playing an acoustic guitar. It is numbered with the photographer's name and story of the image on the reverse side of the print, truly a thrilling read for lovers of Johnny Cash such as myself.

Michael Ochs is an American photograic archivist that is best know for his collection of pictures relating to rock music dating back to the 50's and 60's. The Michael Ochs Archives contains over 3 million vintage prints, proof sheets and negatives. It is a beautiful visual encyclopedia of American popular music - which lets you see inside the lives of the greatest musicians of all time!

The print is framed with exhibition quality, shatter-resistant perspex to protect the photograph from damage and keep it in top condition. Perfect for keeping this picture safe from aging or damage.

If anyone else is interested in this 1960 photo of Johnny Cash, click on the image up above.


- Photo by Michael Ochs Archives
- Mount & Frame Included
- Top Quality Print On Fuji Crystal Archive Paper
- Limited Edition
- Individually Numbered On Reverse

Bottom Line:

This print is perfect for a collector or lover of Johnny Cash! It is brilliantly protected to prevent shattering or aging of the print.

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Iconic 1960 photo of Johnny Cash in Nashville - Celebrity Portraits
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