'In My Feelings' by Drake

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'In My Feelings' by Drake
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The song trending all over the world, even creating its own viral 'challenges'!

'In My Feelings' is such a great Hip-Hop/Rap song! It's been playing nonstop everywhere I go, and has even inspired a viral 'In My Feelings' dance challenge. Thousands of social media users (celebrities included!) have been sharing videos doing the same exact same moves as Drake to the tune of 'In My Feelings.'

The beat is very chill with the drum pattern, it just makes you want to dance and shake your body! I personally think that the song 'In My Feelings' is the best song on Drake's album 'Scorpion'.

If anyone else is interested in listening to 'In My Feelings' by Drake, please click on the source link up above! It's so catchy!


- Very catchy.
- Trending on the iTunes charts.

Bottom Line:

It's a good song for those who love Drake or Hip-Hop/Rap songs.

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Blake Griffen
Delta, BC, CA
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