Fave - ‘Nice for What’

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Fave - ‘Nice for What’
Brand / Company: Drake
Product / Service: Nice for What
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A song engineered for a good time!

Drake's newest song, "Nice for What" is really catchy with the beat. I think when Drake is happy, his music is truly at its best. There's a real clarity in his voice.

The impeccable production, vocal samples, clips and crisp drums makes the beat stand out in the hip-hop industry. The music video was really vibrant and smooth. It's definitely one of Drake's most complete releases in a long time. I was surprised that I liked it so much, as I've been disappointed by Drake for a while.

If anyone is interested in hip-hop or rap, be sure to check it out on iTunes, linked above!

Nice for What, Song, Hip-hop, Rap, Drake
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Faved May, 08 2018 by:

Blake Griffen
Delta, BC, CA
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