'Natural' by Imagine Dragons

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'Natural' by Imagine Dragons
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The Grammy-winning rock groups Imagine Dragons newest song!

'Natural' by Imagine Dragons is such a high-energy tune. I really like it. The lead singer, Dan Reynolds, has noted that the song is about finding yourself, a well as being willing to stand up to any adversity that comes your way. When one truly learns to love, the judging eyes and the naysayers all become meaningless.

Dan Reynolds voice is so impressive, raw, aggressive and powerful in this song. The brooding and ominous instrumental makes it a very powerful and lamenting track that doesn't stray away from the dark side of reality. I think it's very well produced.

If anyone else is interested in listening to the Single 'Natural' by Imagine Dragons, check out the source link up above. It'll make you pumped!


- From the Grammy-winning rock band, Imagine Dragons.
- High-energy, aggressive, makes you pumped.
- Great beat and ominous instrumentals.
- #1 on the iTunes song charts.

Bottom Line:

It's a really good workout or motivation song. It may not be a song for everybody, but for me, it's so enjoyable!

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Blake Griffen
Delta, BC, CA
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