Gullwing 300SL Panamericana

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Gullwing 300SL Panamericana
Brand / Company: Gullwing-America
Product / Service: 300SL Panamericana
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Gullwing-America is waiting on enough orders to start production. Do your part and order today!

Gullwing-America has been very true to the original Mercedes-Benz 300SL from the 1950s. The 300SL Panamericana has changed very little; the wheels, the bumper, and the grille are the only noteworthy differences from a stylistic point of view. Mechanically, on the other hand, this is an all-new car. The engine of choice is a smooth and powerful 5.5L Mercedes V8 routed to the rear tires through a six-speed manual. To keep all of that power on the road, Gullwing-America has installed an all-new coilover H&R suspension for the Panamericana 300SL.

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Gullwing 300SL Panamericana - Vintage Inspired Cars
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