E-Type Growler by Vizualtech

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E-Type Growler by Vizualtech
Brand / Company: Vizualtech
Product / Service: Growler E 2011
Price: $700,000 USD

Coinciding with Jaguar’s 50th anniversary of their iconic E-Type sports car the gents at the Swedish car design firm Vizualtech designed the perfect car in its honor

Back in 1961, the Jaguar E-type was the fastest road car you could buy. Inspired by the legendary Jaguar E-type Vizualtech's Growler E 2011 was able to retain much of the shapes and curves of the Jag E-Type while also adding a modern touch to it. Underneath the E-Type Growler's composite body you'll largely find a new Jaguar XKR mechanicals riding on a carbon fiber chassis. Powering the Growler is a remapped version of Jag's supercharged 5.0-litre V8 producing 600bhp. Vizualtech expects the Growler to weigh around 1,550kg. With all this power harnessed to a light weight setup this modern E-Type should hit 62mph in under four seconds. Each Growler E-Type will be formed by hand and is expected to take six months to assemble. The Jaguar E-type is most definitely a contender for one of the greatest sports cars of all time. On the surface of it Visualtech seems to have designed a modern classic worthy of the original. The only way to really know is to pony up the $700,000 large and take one for a spin.

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E-Type Growler by Vizualtech - Vintage Inspired Cars
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E-Type Growler by Vizualtech - Vintage Inspired Cars
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