Backdraft RT3B Custom Cobra Kit Car

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Backdraft RT3B Custom Cobra Kit Car
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Brand / Company: Backdraft Racing
Product / Service: Backdraft RT3B
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A unique blend of 60's designing with modern day styling - a beautiful vintage inspired kit car!

The Backdraft RT3B by Backdraft Racing is a custom Cobra kit car that has been refined by incorporating influences from modern day supercars, while staying true to the 60's designing. I absolutely love vintage inspired cars, and would love to see this kit car in action!

The Backdraft RT3B offers the best in quality finishing, advanced ergonomicas and passenger comfort with a spacious interior. I'm really impressed by the lightning quick performance it's boasting, with superb handling and top tier braking ability. It really sounds like a well rounded package that is unrivaled in quality, value and performance.

I would love to own one of these, they're like one of the most exhilarating cars on the market! They are definitely designed for the people that want to stand out of the crowd.


- Something you can actually afford. Kit cars can be a great way to live your automotive dreams that are otherwise out of reach. A genuine '60s Shelby Cobra resales today often north of $500,000. Compare that to a RT3B Rolling Chassis that starts at $45K.

- Pride of ownership. There is something invaluable about building something yourself.

- Distinctly unique and custom to your tastes. Right down to ever minor detail, you can choose how you want to make your ride. Completely custom.


- Will you finish what you start? A 2004 article in Car and Driver, states that roughly 3,000 people purchase a kit car per year, of whom only 2,700 ever complete the project.

- Getting the proper insurance coverage can be difficult. Some insurers won't understand why something described as a '87 Fiero, or a "custom build" should have coverage for $50K

- Often tough to determine fair resale price as it is hard to find many similar vehicles on the market to compare to.

- Difficult to finance. Many banks don't want to finance a 'hobby project' that may never reach completion.

Bottom Line:

The bottom line is that custom kit cars like the Backdraft RT3B "black edition' roadster is not about logic. For most who'd consider a Shelby Cobra replica, more than anything building and then driving a car like this is about pursing a dream. Who wants to do pros and cons of dreams. I say go for it, if this is something you really want to try.

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Liam Wilson
Austin, TX, US
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Backdraft RT3B Custom Cobra Kit Car - Vintage Inspired Cars
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Backdraft RT3B Custom Cobra Kit Car - Vintage Inspired Cars
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