Nikola NZT Electric UTV

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Nikola NZT Electric UTV
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Brand / Company: Nikola
Product / Service: NZT Electric UTV
Price: $28,900 USD
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All the things I love about UTV's combined with electric features and staggering performance!

I absolutely love off-roaders, so when I came across the insane all-electric UTV, the Nikola NZT, I knew what side-by-side I wanted next.

The Nikola NZT Electric UTV is marketed as "the most advanced electric UTV in the world", as it pumps out an incredible 590 horsepower. It can go from 0-60 mph in the shocking span of 3.5 seconds. Can you imagine that? A dune buggy with the acceleration of a supercar! I would love to take a spin in this. It takes three hours to charge and be ready for 90-150 miles of crazy driving. In addition, there is no need for air in an electric motor, so that makes the NZT completely waterproof!

Not only is the NZT Electric UTV a beast in speed, it also boasts upgraded safety features. Anyone who have been out on an ATV or UTV will appreciate the 2'' roll cage forged from military grade steel and an ultra-durable chassis that can withstand all the crazy maneuvers you take on.

The interior of the NZT has more space than any other UTV available, which makes me very happy. That extra 4'' legroom can be a game changer. I really like that there is a 12.2'' infotainment display that updates through its own 4G uplink.

I would love to get this crazy-powerful ATV, or at least have a drive in it. Maybe one day! Until then, i'll definitely keep tabs on Nikola to see what other crazy off-roaders they come up with!

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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Nikola NZT Electric UTV - Side by Sides
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Nikola NZT Electric UTV - Side by Sides
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