Halo II Pullover Headband

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Sourced from: performancebike.com
Halo II Pullover Headband
Brand / Company: Performance Bicycle
Product / Service: Halo II Pullover Headband
Price: $14.95 USD
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An effective performance unisex headband!

I recently picked up the Halo II Pullover Headband from Performance Bicycle. It features a pullover design with no elastic to wear out and a patented water-tight seal to direct sweat away from the eyes while biking or exercising.

This headband works great under helmets, it is very lightweight and durable. It maintains shape, prevents bacteria growth and provides rapid evaporation thanks to the Dryline fabric.

If anyone else is interested in the Halo II Pullover Headband from Performance Bicycle, click on the images up above!


- Sweat Block Technology features high performance Dryline fabric that provides rapid evaporation
- VisaEndurance fabrication prevents bacteria growth
- Machine washable
- Lightweight and durable
- Maintains shape
- Works great under helmets
- Unisex and one size fits all
- Dryline fabric

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this headband!

Halo II Pullover Headband, Pullover Headband, Headband, Performance Bicycle
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Minneapolis, MN, US
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Halo II Pullover Headband - Bicycle Gear
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Halo II Pullover Headband - Bicycle Gear
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