Lazer Roller Mips Helmet

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Lazer Roller Mips Helmet
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Brand / Company: Vanilla Bikes
Product / Service: Lazer Roller Mips Helmet
Price: $72.02 USD
Rating From Margaret Walker
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A lightweight, durable unisex bicycle helmet!

I really like wearing the Lazer Roller Mips Helmet from Vanilla Bikes. This bicycle helmet is very different than most I've worn. It is lightweight, comfortable and fits brilliantly. Not to mention the fact that is is very sleek looking.

This bicycle helmet offers protection, style and comfort for all kinds of riders who want to get out on their bike. What makes this helmet really stand out is the MIPS, or Multi-directional Impact Protection System, that adds an additional safety aspect to the helmet. It outfits the helmet with a low friction layer that reduces rotational forces in case of a crash. This could be life-saving!

I like that the vents in the helmet allow for cool comfort when riding and the in-mould construction keeps the weight down.

If anyone else is interested in the Lazer Roller Mips Helmet from Vanilla Bikes, please click on the images up above!


- On sale for 26%
- 28 vents to ensure cool comfort when riding
- In-mould construction
- Available in a range of colours

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this helmet!

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Minneapolis, MN, US
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Lazer Roller Mips Helmet - Bicycle Gear
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Lazer Roller Mips Helmet - Bicycle Gear
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