Expedition 196

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Expedition 196
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Cassandra De Pecol's Travel Odyssey. Cassie's Expedition for World Peace

If you are someone, like me, who loves to travel then you appreciate the pleasure of discovery that comes from exploring a new place and enjoying what you can learn about the culture that you are visiting.

There are some people like us who make travel a priority and are able to experience a good handful of countries in their lifetime. Then there are others who make it their life’s journey to travel to each country in the world – all 196 of them. And this is exactly what Cassandra De Pecol goal is with her young life. Cassie is on track to be the first documented women to solo travel to each of our world's 196 sovereign nations.

Cassandra De Pecol is such an extraordinary female inspiration and travel motivator.

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Expedition 196 - I will get there Reggae Beach - I will get there Divi Aruba - Oranjestad, Aruba - I will get there San Francisco, California, USA - I will get there Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA - I will get there Istanbul - I will get there Beaches Negril Resort & Spa - Seven-Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica - I will get there The Roxbury in the Catskills - I will get there Destin Beach, Florida - I will get there
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Mia Davis

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