Legend 56 Fly from Seven Seas Yachts

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Legend 56 Fly from Seven Seas Yachts
Legend 56 Fly from Seven Seas Yachts - Image 2
Brand / Company: Legend 56 Fly
Product / Service: Seven Seas Yachts
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Legend claims the title of, "the most efficient production yachts in the world"

Through 3 years of research and development Seven Seas Yachts has created a new revolutionary yacht series that delivers unprecedented levels of performance, efficiency and seaworthiness. This innovation gave birth to a Legend series of yachts.

In the Legend range one of the most popular models is the Legend 56 Fly. With its modern and sleek take on a classic fly bridge design the Legend 56 Fly offers plentiful interior and open air space.

The Legend yachts are based on a sleek design which features an ultra-low profile. Years of research was directed towards developing the perfect hull that achieves the best performance in terms of efficiency and seaworthiness - while at the same time being strikingly beautiful.

Every yacht in the Legend provides the combination of effortless performance, magnificent ride, exceptional economy and ease of handling. The Legend yachts from Seven Seas Yachts have consumptions rates that are half and in some cases nearly one third of those of its competitors which allows Seven Seas Yachts to claim the title of "the most efficient production yachts in the world".

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Legend 56 Fly from Seven Seas Yachts - Motorboats
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Legend 56 Fly

Legend 56 Fly from Seven Seas Yachts - Motorboats
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