"Wanted" by Hunter Hayes

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"Wanted" by Hunter Hayes
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1st on a list of the 100 best country music songs.

Hunter Hayes makes his major-label debut with this self-titled album, but this 19-year-old country artist can already be considered a music biz veteran, having recorded his first long-player at the tender age of nine. Besides singing and helping write all of the tunes here, the Louisiana native plays 16 to 24 different instruments (depending upon how you count them) and shares in production duties as well. It adds up to a confident bid for Nashville stardom, backed up by a romantic boy-next-door persona that defies cynicism. Hayes radiates a sunny charm that leans toward the pop side of the country spectrum on “Storm Warning,” “Somebody’s Heartbreak,” “If You Told Me To,” and similar upbeat tunes. He glides upon an easy acoustic groove on “Everybody’s Got Somebody but Me” and flashes his rock-guitar chops on “More Than I Should.” He’s especially winning when delivering lovelorn ballads like “All You Ever” and “Rainy Season.” Whether he’s twanging or emoting, Hayes never overreaches; his music doesn’t put on false airs or strike awkward poses.

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"Wanted" by Hunter Hayes - Best Country Music Songs
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