Falke 2-Pack Face Mask

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Sourced from: kjbeckett.com
Falke 2-Pack Face Mask
Falke 2-Pack Face Mask - Image 2
Brand / Company: KJ Beckett
Product / Service: Falke 2-Pack Face Mask
Price: $27 USD
Rating From Sophia Jones
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A bright face mask to ensure safety and style!

I recently purchased the Falke 2-Pack Face Mask from KJ Beckett for the fall season. I really enjoy the vibrant color and comfort provided by this face mask as I have had a hard time finding a face covering that provides comfort for long durations while also providing moisture-repellant or moisture absorbing material.

This face mask is made of 65% polypropylene and 35% polyamide, featuring the ability to wash and reuse at 40 degrees without tumble dry.

This face mask has done an excellent job at retailing its value for money spent over time. It is suitable for wearing glasses and not wearing glasses thanks to the flexible adjustable nose clip and 3 layer construction that features moisture absorbing material on the inside and moisture-repellent material on the outside. The mask is elastic and quick-drying with a perfect fit from the side gatherings.

I really enjoy the look and feel of the Falke 2-Pack Face Mask from KJ Beckett. Why not stay safe this season in style? If anyone else is interested in checking out this face mask, click on the images up above!


- Made of 65% Polypropylene and 35% Polyamide
- Quality feel and fit
- Adjustable nose clip
- Machine Washable

Bottom Line:

I enjoy wearing this mask much more than any others I had worn in the past. It is comfortable and looks great.

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Sophia Jones
New York, NY, US
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