Dualtone Silicone Ring

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Dualtone Silicone Ring
Dualtone Silicone Ring - Image 2
Dualtone Silicone Ring - Image 3
Brand / Company: Enso Rings
Product / Service: Dualtone Silicone Ring
Price: $22.49 USD
Rating From Sarah Davis
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Unique stackable silicone rings!

I recently picked up a Dualtone Silicone Ring from Enso Rings! It is a very unique silicone ring that can be stacked with other rings of different designs.

This silicone ring helps keep fingers safe with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology. It is hypoallergenic, made for the most sensitive of hands. This ring is perfect for the gym, the job, or the outdoors. They go where ever I go!

There are a range of colors to choose from, but my favorite is the misty grey/pink sand that is pictured as the first image above.

If anyone else is interested in the Dualtone Silicone Ring from Enso Rings, click on the images up above!


- Safe with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology
- Hypoallergenic
- Versatile for the gym, the job, or the outdoors
- Wide range of colors and patterns
- Stackable with other silicone tings

Bottom Line:

I really love how different this style of ring is compared to traditional rings! It stands out, feels great, and is so versatile.

Dualtone Silicone Ring, Silicone Ring, Ring, Enso Rings
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Sarah Davis
Ottawa, ON, CA
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Dualtone Silicone Ring - Jewelry
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Dualtone Silicone Ring - Jewelry
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