Shipping Container Swimming Pool

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Shipping Container Swimming Pool
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Brand / Company: Modpools
Product / Service: Shipping Container Pool
Price: $14,900 - $39,900 USD
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A modern pool for a modern home in a totally unique approach!

Check it out, Modpool's patent pending pool utilizes a modified shipping container to offer a relocatable hot pool that can be setup in minutes with a built in spa! That's so unique. I can just imagine enjoying this shipping container swimming pool all year round with that beautiful water heater.. think 86 degree water during cool weather. It would be so relaxing, not to mention convenient with the smartphone app to control temperature, jets and lighting whenever I want. There's even a divider to turn the pool into a hot-tub, and back again.

The modularity of the Modpool is amazing, as every Modpool is configured to each customer. You wouldn't have to wait weeks for the pool to pour and cure, either. Modpools can be up and running on the day of its arrival, according to the source website.

I really find it neat that the Modpool Shipping Container Swimming Pools rely on the strength of the container to help hold in water while offering unique features, such as side windows.

For anyone else interested in the shipping container swimming pool, check out the source link up above.


- Half the price of conventional in-ground pools, and relocateable.
- Ability to turn the pool into a hot-tub and divide it, all for one price.
- Fast set up time.
- Distinct look with a long lasting design.
- They can be above or below ground.


- Limited to the size of the container.
- Containers are deep, not exactly child friendly.
- Tricky to transport.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I think I'd give this a try and see how the experience goes. I'll definitely be keeping my eye out on further progress by Modpools.

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Shipping Container Swimming Pool - Swimming Pools
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