'Delicate' by Taylor Swift

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'Delicate' by Taylor Swift
Brand / Company: Taylor Swift
Product / Service: Reputation
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A great addition to the 'Reputation' album!

There's something really appealing about the 'new' Taylor Swift. She has long been one of my fave artists, even all the way back in her country phase. I must say though, there's something really appealing about her full-scale artistic transformation away from country. There is a newfound complexity to her songs in the album 'Reputation'. They seem much darker and meaningful, yet very catchy.

Each song in her album brings another emotional layer together and confronts the dynamic between her personal life and her celebrity life. This is really reflected in my favourite part of 'Delicate', where she sings: “My reputation’s never been worse/So, you must like me for me.”

I really like the new Taylor Swift, and her song 'Delicate' is going to be a fave for a long while. In my opinion, it's a soul-blaring pop masterpiece - and her boldest statement to date!

If anyone else is interested in 'Delicate' or the full album 'Reputation', please check out the source link up above!


- Catchy, a great pop song.
- Energetic, yet there's emotional meaning.
- A new transformation for Taylor Swift!

Bottom Line:

Overall, I really enjoy the new direction that Taylor Swift is going in. I definitely recommend people to check out her new album, and she just how amazing her pop or hip-hop songs are.

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Anastasia Rodrigues
Gilroy, CA, USA
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