2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera V12 Super GT

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Brand / Company: Aston Martin
Product / Service: 2019 DBS Superleggera
Price: $304,995 USD
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One of the best GTs you can buy!

The 2019 DBS Superleggera from Aston Martin is the newest replacement for the Vanquish S, and is now the company's new flagship grand tourer (GT). It's certainly a beast!

The DBS Superleggera was built on the underpinnings of the DB11(also known as the DB9), and is much lighter and more powerful. It's nearly 160 pounds lighter than the DB11, with a more aggressive design - almost touching supercar clearance due to the low-slung stance and low ground clearance. I absolutely love the new look, especially the carbon-fiber body.

The interior is so breathtaking with the leather and Alcantara as standard. The dark chrome and piano black trim really highlight the new infotainment centre.

Under the hood is even more impressive, as it boasts a 5.2-liter twin-turbo V12 engine that produces 715 horsepower and 664lb ft of torque due to an ECU tweak and an unrestricted quad exhaust! That's insane, it can go to 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, and reach top speeds of 211 MPH. The carbon-ceramic brakes will even let you slow down from warp speed in a jiffy!

I would love to take a ride in this super sleek beast. It's Aston Martin's most super Super GT! If anyone is interested in checking out the 2019 DBS Superleggera, please click the source link up above!


- Revamped interior with new tech and infotainment system.
- Based on DB11.
- New 5.2-Liter V-12 Engine.
- Eight-Speed Automatic.
- 715 Horsepower.
- Carbon-fiber body.


- Pretty pricey compared to other "supercars" in it's class. (Bentley Continental GT). It's almost expensive as a Ferrari.
- New badge might be confusing.

Bottom Line:

It's a really beautiful car. Very worthy of the supercar title! I would love to ride in it.

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2019 Aston Martin DBS Superleggera V12 Super GT - I Wanna Ride In That!
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