Airisto Modern Log House

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Airisto Modern Log House
Airisto Modern Log House - Image 2
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Brand / Company: Pluspuu
Product / Service: Airisto
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Innovative customizable log cabin kit homes from Finland!

Pluspuu, a Finnish company, has created a range of customizable log homes and sauna cabins. These log cabins are constructed with non-setting logs to prevent logs from shrinking and sinking. To achieve this, the centermost lamellas of the pine or spruce logs used are laid vertically. This allows the log cabins to have doors and windows without covering strips and eliminated the need for visible external vertical wall supports. I think this is really cool architecture. Pluspuu really came up with something unique.

The Airisto Modern Log House model has the look of a spacious chalet that allows for magnificent views of the surroundings. It utilizes large glass walls constructed with column and beam techniques to let in a lot of light. This would be amazing to live in. I love architecture that allows a lot of light in. It's even easy to convert into a permanent residence with minor modifications.

If anyone wants to check out the different drawings of the Airisto, check out the source link up above. I really enjoy the effort that Pluspuu put into them.


- Non-setting framework means no adjustments are needed post-construction.
- Easy to convert into a permanent residence.
- Wide raised internal platform gives ample space for children.
- Can be tailored to the customer's exact requirements and to fit on-site conditions.


- Insurance can be tough to find.
- Pests and critters are a concern.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I really enjoy this log house kit. I think it's a brilliant design and a great green option.

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Airisto Modern Log House - Cool architecture
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Airisto Modern Log House - Cool architecture
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