MXR 20 Kid's Bike

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MXR 20 Kid's Bike
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Brand / Company: Raleigh
Product / Service: MXR 20 Kid's Bike
Price: $189.99 USD
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A big boy bike with pedals and two kinds of brakes!

I recently bought the MXR 20 Kid's Bike from Raleigh for my son this season. The MXR 20 is a really great pick for boys ages 4-8 that are ready to graduate from a push bike or training wheels.

This children's bike is made with a lightweight aluminum frame with low stand over height for easy on and off, and it has a cool BMX-inspired style.

The two brakes are designed to help young riders learn to stop smoothly and effectively. There are coaster brakes that my son was used to from a bike with training wheels, and v-brakes or handbrakes for him to practice stopping like me.

The MXR 20 is a single speed, meaning no shift is required. This keeps things simple for my boy as he learns to master these new brakes. The padded seat is soft and the wide tires gives him extra stability. The handy chain guard even keeps his pants from getting caught up! It is the perfect kid's bike.

If anyone else is interested in the MXR 20 Kid's Bike from Raleigh, click on the images up above!


- 2 kinds of brakes
- Padded seat
- Chain guard
- Lightweight aluminum frame with a low standover height
- Wide tired

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this bike for any parents looking to get their boy a new bike this season!

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MXR 20 Kid's Bike - For the kids
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MXR 20 Kid's Bike - For the kids
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