Sequel Lift Standing Desk

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Sequel Lift Standing Desk
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Brand / Company: Lumens
Product / Service: Sequel Lift Standing Desk
Price: $1,729 - $1,929 USD
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An ergonomic sitting/standing desk that offers numerous health benefits!

The Sequel Lift Standing Desk from Lumens would be perfect for my home. This desk combines the ergonomics and health benefits of a sitting/standing desk with a high quality design.

This desk is both motorized and programmable, it can be effortlessly raised and lowered as needed to any comfortable height. The black micro-etched glass top looks very sleek, and you can choose from a variety of wood finishes and advanced cable management capabilities.

This would be a great addition to my modern office. The materials are very solid and sturdy. I'd love to get it in all black, which is the espresso wood. If anyone else is interested in the Sequel Lift Standing Desk from Lumens, click on the images up above.


- Programmable digital keypad controls height; can be installed on right or left of desktop
- Integrated cable management
- Includes optional wire tray
- Compatible with 3rd party computer monitor arms
- Optional storage drawer available for the large size desk
- Your choice of finish and size of desk

Bottom Line:

This would be great for my home office or an ergonomic computer room!

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Grace Newman
Madison, WI, USA
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Sequel Lift Standing Desk - For the home
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Sequel Lift Standing Desk - For the home
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