Turn It Up Pant

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Turn It Up Pant
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Brand / Company: This is a Day
Product / Service: Turn It Up Pant
Price: $155 USD
Rating From Sophia Jones
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Unique women's tapered pants!

I recently purchased the Turn It Up Pants from This is a Day as a new addition to my spring wardrobe! I love how unique a look trapered trousers provide.

These pants are super soft and breathable, they are work-ready and also feature an elastic waistband for great comfort. I like having the option of cuffing up the hem to switch things up.

These pants can look great not only at work but also out on the town with the right top. They are also available in a range of colours.

If anyone else is interested in the Turn It Up Pants from This is a Day, click on the images up above.


- Available in a range of colours
- Tapered style
- Cuffable hem
- Super soft and breathable
- Great for at work or casual wear

Bottom Line:

I love this style! I personally recommend these tapered pants.

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Sophia Jones
New York, NY, US
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