Instant Digital Camera - Z2300

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Instant Digital Camera - Z2300
Brand / Company: Polaroid
Product / Service: Instant Digital Camera - Z2300
Price: $159.99 USD

Polaroid has done it again - reintroducing the instant camera

Although the larger Polaroid Z340 instant digital camera has been around for a bit the new Z2300 is Polaroid's latest instant digital camera. It combines the ingenuity of a digital still-imaging camera, HD video recording device and full-color printer. The Polaroid Instant Digital Camera Z2300 is truly a one stop shop for photography buffs that harkens back to the days of the popular ’80s model. Thanks to its straightforward user interface, anyone can capture, edit, and print an image in less a minutes time. And who doesn't like the retro Polaroid look that reminds them of their childhood fun with the original Polaroid cameras.

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Instant Digital Camera - Z2300 - Cameras
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Instant Digital Camera - Z2300 - Cameras
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