Dragon PXV Goggles

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Sourced from: tactics.com
Dragon PXV Goggles
Brand / Company: Tactics
Product / Service: Dragon PXV Goggles
Price: $179.95 USD
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Snowboarding goggles designed for larger faces!

The Dragon PXV Goggles from Tactics are my new favorite snowboarding goggles. They are designed for larger faces or riders who prefer an over sized style. The lens shape is cylindrical, which I prefer. The lenses can be changed, though not as easily as a quick change system. These snowboard goggles really provide the ultimate protections, ideal for riding in full sun or high visibility conditions.

I love that these lenses feature LUMALENS technology, which enhances the experience by optimizing contrast, depth perception, color recognition and reduces eye strain. The strong anti-coating keeps my view clear and crisp.

The armored venting provides even air circulation throughout the goggles while preventing snow and ice from getting inside. The strap lengths and goggle proportions are very helmet compatible, and the tri-foam technology offers such great comfort and breathability while wearing them.

There are numerous colors available, but I really like the galaxy white/lumalens silver ion lens + dark smoke lens.

If anyone else is interested in the Dragon PXV Goggles from Tactics, click on the image up above! These snowboard goggles are amazing.


- Lens Features: LUMALENS Technology, Super Anti-Fog, Panotech Lens, Hard Coating, Hydrophobic, Ionized, UV Protection 100%.
- Frame Features: Armored Venting, Helmet Compatible, Hypoallergenic Microfleece Lining, Patented Frameless Design, Tri-Foam Technology.

Bottom Line:

The snowboard goggles are so comfy when out on the slopes, and provide excellent protection.

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