Gladiator 3-Rider Towable Tube

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Gladiator 3-Rider Towable Tube
Gladiator 3-Rider Towable Tube - Image 2
Gladiator 3-Rider Towable Tube - Image 3
Brand / Company: Gladiator
Product / Service: Max 3-Rider Deck Rider Towable Tube
Price: $199 USD
Rating From Sam Jenkins
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A 3-person towable tube that is designed for speed and occasional flight off the waves!

I really enjoy the Gladiator Max 3-Rider Towable Tube! It has a very low-profile design that makes the tube very easy to board from the deck, and has soft foam body pads that give a very comfortable and non-chafing ride. The knuckle pads are also easy to hold on to, so I never needed to worry about slipping off quickly.

The package came with a 110V AC high-pressure inflator/deflator and a 60' heavy-duty tube rope. The inflator/deflator uses a lightning valve, which lets it inflate/deflate much quicker than standard valves, which allowed me to get out there on the water much quicker!

If anyone else is interested in this 3-rider towable tube, check out the source link below.


- Fast lightning valve inflater-deflater.
- Weight capacity of 510 lbs.
- 2 Body pads.
- Full cover.


- Pricey.

Bottom Line:

Despite the price, I thought this towable tube was well worth the investment for a summer of fun!

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Sam Jenkins
Hamilton, ON, CA
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Gladiator 3-Rider Towable Tube - Watersports
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