newtopsilicone's FaveThing en-us Silicone parts manufacturing Provides environmental sealing Offers excellent temperature stability Resist ozone, sunlight, weathering, and aging Chemically inert Good dielectric properties 2022-12-05 08:22:10 Silicone Plug is widely used in automotive industry Automotive plug is used in automotive device for its flexible nature, oil resistance, stress resistance, and temperature resistance. 2022-12-05 08:04:13 Silicone tube manufacturer As a leading Silicone parts manufacturer, we help many consumers custom over 150 different kinds of silicone parts products every month. We not only help you get competitive costs but also excellent quality. 2022-11-30 03:49:19 silicone injection molding Liquid silicone rubber is divided into two components, A and B, and the ratio of the two components is 1:1 controlled by the quantitative device. Then, the liquid silicone rubber is given full mixing and injected into the gun barrel of the liquid silicone injection molding machine through the static mixer, and then accurately injected into the heated mold for molding. 2022-11-25 02:59:59 Advantages of silicone seals At this stage, many O-ring seals are made of silicone rubber. Therefore, in the case of choosing O-ring seals, we must also consider the strength of silicone rubber. The strength shows the working ability of silicone rubber against external working pressure. 2022-11-25 02:50:22 ? Custom silicone tube Silicone tube is made of environmentally friendly silicone raw materials using scientific production technology, with the cha ultra-high and low hardness of the rubber, functional rubber, and other characteristics of the production of silicone tube, this product has a wide range of adaptability. The base station silicone tube and silicone-shaped tube strip using the platinum vulcanization process have the advantages of tasteless, unchanged yellow, no spray frost, and so on. 2022-11-25 02:45:13 Liquid silicone rubber 1. Precise mixing ratio: LSR is A and B two-component raw materials. Before injection molding, it must be fully mixed by the exact 1:1 ratio. 2. Mixer: The static mixer is the key component in injection molding. Only after the static mixer is fully and evenly mixed, can the liquid silica gel injected into the mold be vulcanized completely. 2022-11-18 08:50:14 Milk Bottle Silicone Tubing and harmless, soft, feel good; 2.soft, good elasticity, kink resistance without deformation; 3.colorless, tasteless, high and low temperature resistance (-60~280 degrees); 4. Easy to carry, economic benefits; 5, No deformation, aging resistance, no bisphenol A. 2022-11-18 08:23:08 Solar Water Heater Silicone O-ring Solar water heater silicone o-ring is mainly used in solar energy, water heater, coffee machine, pressure cooker, crisper, and other daily supplies, as well as food machinery processing, hardware, electronic and electrical industries. 2022-11-18 07:56:56 Silicone tubing, custom silicone tubing The functional design principle of braided silicone tubing is the traditional silicone tubing through a special process to achieve the role of high-pressure resistance, the reason for doing so, is that some products through the pressure and water pressure will be relatively high, may reach dozens of kilograms, if the use of ordinary silicone tubing, through this high pressure, will directly break. Increasing the wall thickness can also properly improve the pressure resistance, but far from meeting the requirements, only by adding braided wire, so that the silicone in the case of pressure to maintain the stability of the network structure does not break, and then set a layer of silicone outer tube, strengthen the overall pressure resistance, this can get the characteristics of high-pressure resistance. 2022-11-14 07:04:53 Food grade silicone o-ring Food-grade silicone O-ring refers to those that can pass FDA food-grade detection certification. Generally, this kind of O-ring is produced with gas-phase silica gel. The difference between food grade silicone O-ring and general silicone ring is: 1.look at the difference in surface change: the general silicone ring elongated when white, and can not pull very long, and food grade silicone O-ring is different, how to pull will not white, and can pull relatively long will not break, good products can be pulled to more than 700%. 2. physical energy such as: tear strength, tear strength, elongation rate are better than the general silica gel ring. 3.transparency: higher than the general silicone ring transparency. 4.production and raw material cost: than the general silicone ring production cost is higher, and environmental performance is better. 2022-11-14 06:36:19 Silicone cap Caps made of silicone rubber can resist temperatures upwards of 600°F. We are capable of accepting customization of silicone caps with customized material, color and speculation to meet customers’ requirements. 2022-11-14 05:58:43 silicone plug and cap Silicone Rubber Plugs can withstand high temperatures and hash conditions for a long time. A silicone plug is a good idea for insulating electricity and balancing thermal. Silicone plug is often used for masking powder and electric coating, plating & Anodizing. Its applications cover from electronics to industry for long work under hot temperatures. In addition, their durability and flexibility own also well performance. 2022-11-03 07:16:12 silicone tubing Food-grade silicone is a long-lasting, inert, and durable material that serves as a healthier alternative to plastic for application in water, wine, food, and beverage applications. The lack of harmful substances like bisphenol(BPA) can prevent taste or odor from being imparted. 2022-11-03 07:13:18 silicone o-ring Silicone O-Rings are circular seals set in cylindrical applications to prevent media passing through joints and other breaks in construction. These o-rings are easy to install, versatile, and have capacity to handle pressures. 2022-11-03 07:11:20 silicone gasket Silicone Gasket has outstanding high and low-temperature resistance, working in the temperature range of -70? – +260? to maintain good elasticity, and having the advantages of ozone resistance, and weathering resistance. A silicone gasket is suitable for thermal machinery. 2022-11-03 07:08:51 website operator Silicone seals are common components applied in many devices and industries. Its popularity is attributed to its strong heat resistance, chemical resistance, stress resistance, and weather resistance. Silicone seals include solid silicone seals, food-grade silicone seals, and medical-grade silicone seals, and more. 2022-11-03 06:59:50