m-davis's FaveThing http://www.favething.com/rss/m-davis en-us http://www.favething.com/images/logo.jpg www.favething.com http://www.favething.com Navy Jersey Corduroy Blazer http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/navy-jersey-corduroy-blazer/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/navy-jersey-corduroy-blazer/ I really like the Navy Jersey Corduroy Blazer from Argos. It has such a velvety sheen and loose fit, making it great for when I want an outfit that is casual but stylish - perfect for my Spring wardrobe! The fine corduroy is very soft to the touch and light to wear, it's very simple to do up as there is only one button fastening. Pairing this with jeans would make for an excellent look! There are also two front pockets on the blazer, which are rather convenient. If anyone else is interested in checking out the Navy Jersey Corduroy Blazer from Argos, click on the images up above! 2019-03-13 13:07:23 https://www.argos.co.uk/product/tuc135115091 Teeki Jimi Hot Pant http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/teeki-jimi-hot-pant/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/teeki-jimi-hot-pant/ I really like the Teeki Jimi Hot Pant from Evolve Fitwear! Featuring a solid black colour, with a unique cut design that extends from the hip to the ankle on each side, these leggings really boast a bold sexy style that looks great for casual or sports wear. I love that these leggings have 4-way stretch, an elastic-free constriction, and an adjustable waistband that I can wear high or low for both comfort and freedom of movement. These leggings are perfect for practically anything! They're ideal for workouts or water-sports because they dry in minutes, and very breathable and are like a second skin fit. If anyone else is interested in the Teeki Jimi Hot Pant from Evolve Fitwear, click on the images up above! 2019-03-08 14:25:33 https://evolvefitwear.com/jimi-hot-pant Regular Rinsed Jeans http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/regular-rinsed-jeans/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/regular-rinsed-jeans/ I can't wait to sport the Regular Rinsed Jeans from Arket this spring! They are a pair of classic five-pocket, fitted jeans with straight legs, sewn from non-stretch denim twill made of organic cotton. I love the mid-rise design with silver-tone metal hardware. It goes very well with heels and a blouse or even a light jacket. If anyone else is interested in the Regular Rinsed Jeans from Arket, click on the images up above! 2019-03-05 18:00:35 https://www.arket.com/en_gbp/women/trousers/product.regular-rinsed-jeans-blue.0711992001.html#image-gallery Cabled Long Sleeve Cozy Cardigan http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/cabled-long-sleeve-cozy-cardigan/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/cabled-long-sleeve-cozy-cardigan/ The Cabled Long Sleeve Cozy Cardigan from Beyond Proper is the perfect cardigan for the Spring season. It has a dramatic shawl collar and is great for lounging on the weekend or laid-back outings. It has an easy fit with slight shaping and is made of soft cotton. It's easy to take care of as it is machine washable. If anyone else is interested in the Cabled Long Sleeve Cozy Cardigan from Beyond Proper, click on the images up above! 2019-02-26 20:41:35 https://www.bostonproper.com/p/cabled-long-sleeve-cozy-cardigan/ Knitted Button Sleeve Top http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/knitted-button-sleeve-top/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/knitted-button-sleeve-top/ I really like how the Knitted Button Sleeve Top from Top Shop looks! It is such a classic and minimal piece to own. When paired with some blue jeans, it makes for an everyday and casual look. This sweater is made of 50% acrylic and 50% viscose, and is machine washable. It looks super comfy, and the ivory colour would go so well with many of my jeans and accessories. I am definitely going to get this top for spring! If anyone else is interested in the Knitted Button Sleeve Top from Top Shop, click on the images up above! It is the newest in fashion trends, and is very popular! 2019-01-30 20:30:47 http://www.topshop.com/en/tsuk/product/new-in-this-week-2169932/new-in-fashion-6367514/knitted-button-sleeve-top-8369045 Tetbury Embroidered Tunic http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/tetbury-embroidered-tunic/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/tetbury-embroidered-tunic/ The Tetbury Embroidered Tunic by Mistral is so nice to wear in London Town during the Summer! It's gorgeous, and very lightweight, it really keeps me cool. It's made from 100% cotton that has a yarn dyed stripe and a pretty embroidered hem. It also features cap sleeves with a gentle scoop neckline, which really compliments the whole look. It would go perfect with leggings, or even on its own. The best part is that it can be machine washed, and will still stay fitted around the bust and loose around the hem. If anyone else is interested in the Tetbury Embroidered Tunic by Mistral, check out the source link up above! 2018-08-20 16:42:45 https://www.mistral-online.com/tunics-dresses-c394/tetbury-embroidered-tunic-p30786# Vogue Slogan Print Shirt Top from Trendeo http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/vogue-slogan-print-shirt-top-from-trendeo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/vogue-slogan-print-shirt-top-from-trendeo/ The Vogue Slogan Print Shirt Top from Trendeo is one of my fave new shirts! It's super comfortable, and fashionable! It is available in a range of sizes, but only comes in black with gold shimmer around the VOGUE slogan. It is made of 75% cotton and 25% elastane, and is machine washable. If you order from Trendeo like I did, they offer free shipping from the UK, and a quick delivery to you. If you end up not liking it, you could even return it within 14 days of receiving the order, which I took comfort in, since I was not sure which size would be perfect for me. If anyone else is interested in checking out the Vogue Slogan Print Tshirt Top from Trendeo, please click on the source link up above! It's on sale for just £9.99! 2018-08-09 14:49:56 https://trendeo.com/uk/product/uk_fc3c52cb-00cf-367a-875f-ef190508a7f9_black Vavavoom Tamatha White and Black Pinstripe Blazer and Shorts Co-Ord http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/vavavoom-tamatha-white-and-black-pinstripe-blazer-and-shorts-co-ord/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/vavavoom-tamatha-white-and-black-pinstripe-blazer-and-shorts-co-ord/ The Tamatha White and Black Pinstripe Co-Ord by Vavavoom Clothing is the latest in women's fashion this season! I really like this Co-ord set, the sleeveless blazer jacker and pull on shorts with elasticated waist are both comfortable and highly stylish, perfect for the summer season. It even has an attached buckle belt for convenience. The set is made of 95% Polyester and 5% Elastane, and is machine washable - so no need to worry about how to wash it without ruining it. If anyone else is interested in the Tamatha White and Black Pinstripe Co-Ord set from Vavavoom Clothing, check out the source link up above! This Co-ord set is going to be one of my fave outfits of the season. 2018-07-23 13:05:01 https://vavavoom.ie/collections/new-in/products/tamatha-white-and-black-pinstripe-co-ord Viola Davis http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/viola-davis/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/viola-davis/ Viola Davis is taking home the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for devastating performance in Fences. After taking the stage accepting her award, she proceeds to level the audience with a speech that brought to tears. Host Jimmy Kimmel said that she ought to get an Emmy for it."We are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life," she said in her speech. The Best Supporting Actress Oscar is Davis’ first. Tonight’s win makes her the first black actor to win the triple crown of acting, As she now holds an Oscar, Tony, and Emmy to her name. 2017-02-27 17:48:14 Mark Wahlberg http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/mark-wahlberg-2/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/mark-wahlberg-2/ Mark's full known name, Mark Robert Michael Wahlberg. Mark is an American actor, producer, businessman, former model, and rapper. He has been nominated for this years oscar awards. Two of his movies are up for nominations. Deep water Horizon, and Patriot's Day. Mark plays leading role in both films. While Both movies are very different in their own ways. He has managed to successfully become each character. Deep water Horizon, he fights for his life as he is upon a crashing oil rig, trying to get home to his family wife and daughter. Patriot's Day, based upon the true story of a double bombing of the Boston Marathon. 2017-02-24 19:24:37 Polar Bear backstroke [photo] http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/polar-bear-backstroke-photo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/polar-bear-backstroke-photo/ These giant white bears are as much at home in the Arctic Ocean and surrounding seas as they are on land and ice. This vulnerable species lives within a very narrow ecological niche. As the climate warms the very existence of these large predators is challenged. Polar bears have adapted over hundreds of thousands of years to their harsh environment. The rapid pace of climate change is moving many times faster than evolution will allow them to adapt. This is why scientists report at least three of the nineteen polar bear subpopulations are currently in decline. Polar bears spend most of their time on the sea ice. Because of this fact, their scientific name means "maritime bear". Polar bears hunt their preferred food of seals from the edge of sea ice. Because of their interdependence on sea ice for hunting their primary prey, polar bears are classified as marine mammals. 2016-11-21 22:42:26 Expedition 196 http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/expedition-196/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/expedition-196/ If you are someone, like me, who loves to travel then you appreciate the pleasure of discovery that comes from exploring a new place and enjoying what you can learn about the culture that you are visiting. There are some people like us who make travel a priority and are able to experience a good handful of countries in their lifetime. Then there are others who make it their life’s journey to travel to each country in the world – all 196 of them. And this is exactly what Cassandra De Pecol goal is with her young life. Cassie is on track to be the first documented women to solo travel to each of our world's 196 sovereign nations. Cassandra De Pecol is such an extraordinary female inspiration and travel motivator. 2016-11-14 00:59:39 Panda cub in the snow http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/panda-cub-in-the-snow/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/panda-cub-in-the-snow/ Cute panda cub playing in the snow. 2015-12-01 15:08:58 http://content.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,2056528_2248821,00.html Tiger lick http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/tiger-lick/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/tiger-lick/ Mother tiger licking the baby tiger cub's face. 2014-11-17 14:34:35 Short flowing dress in light pink http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/short-flowing-dress-in-light-pink/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/short-flowing-dress-in-light-pink/ 2012-03-27 02:49:23 http://theseptember-issue.tumblr.com/post/19033445021 Robin Williams 1951 - 2014 http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/robin-williams-1951-2014/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/robin-williams-1951-2014/ RIP Robin Williams. One of the best comics this world has ever seen. 2014-08-12 14:03:32 http://www.robin-williams.net/interviews/general/11-04.php Maxi Dress by Ellos http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/maxi-dress-by-ellos/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/maxi-dress-by-ellos/ I love the ruffled hem with a length at back of about 117 cm and only 74 cm in front. This creates a fun and flowing figure to this light dress. 2012-04-13 00:57:43 http://www.ellos.co.uk/products/maxi-dress/697112/324340427.aspx Adrianna Papell Seamed A-Line Dress in red http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/adrianna-papell-seamed-a-line-dress-in-red/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/adrianna-papell-seamed-a-line-dress-in-red/ I love this red A line dress by Adrianna Papell. It would be a great addition to my spring wardrobe, 2013-02-14 17:48:36 http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/adrianna-papell-seamed-a-line-dress/3422718?origin=fashionresultspreview&pprd=0 The Secret Wisdom of Elephants http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/the-secret-wisdom-of-elephants/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/the-secret-wisdom-of-elephants/ If there is one animal to be set aside as an example of how sophisticated and intimate even wild animals can be, it would be the elephant. Just look at the moment these two elephants are sharing in this photo as proof. 2013-01-26 03:56:43 http://meadowfox.tumblr.com/post/41433160312 Actor Daniel Craig http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/actor-daniel-craig/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/actor-daniel-craig/ Best James Bond ever! My fave. Daniel Craig has played British secret agent James Bond since 2006. Craig first caught my eye in the film Layer Cake. When he was cast as James Bond I had my doubts. But after his highly acclaimed debut in Casino Royale my doubts were erased. I felt that Quantum of Solace was a bit flat but his third Bond film, Skyfall, took the James Bond character to a whole other level of depth. 2013-02-19 01:56:29 http://dolce-vita-lifestyle.tumblr.com/post/42371836671/http-dolce-vita-lifestyle-tumblr-com Black & White Striped Women's Convertible Maxi-Tube Dress http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/black-white-striped-women-s-convertible-maxi-tube-dress-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/black-white-striped-women-s-convertible-maxi-tube-dress-1/ Convertible maxi-tube dress from Old Navy that can also be rolled down and worn as a maxi skirt. Just ordered this online. 2014-04-04 13:24:25 http://www3.assets-gap.com/webcontent/0007/498/714/cn7498714.jpg Double-Breasted Belted Trench Coat http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/double-breasted-belted-trench-coat-2/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/double-breasted-belted-trench-coat-2/ A fabulous trench is a must for your wardrobe, all season long—and this belted, double breasted beauty hits all the right style notes. 2014-04-04 13:24:08 http://www.nyandcompany.com/nyco/prod/Apparel/Outerwear/Double-Breasted-Belted-Trench-Coat Flamingo http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/flamingo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/flamingo/ I love this picture of a flamingo on the beach, what a beautiful animal. 2014-02-07 16:04:08 http://twitter.com/OceaniaCruises/status/391212058382827520/photo/1 Philip Seymour Hoffman http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/philip-seymour-hoffman/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/philip-seymour-hoffman/ Philip Seymour Hoffman was one of my fave actors, so sad to hear of his passing this weekend. 2014-02-03 14:20:04 http://us.cnn.com/2014/02/02/showbiz/philip-seymour-hoffman-obit/index.html?hpt=en_c1 Actor Idris Elba http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/actor-idris-elba/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/actor-idris-elba/ Idris Elba is a British TV and film star. He has starred in such TV shows as The Wire and Luther and in such movies as American Gangster, Pacific Rim, Thor and most recently portraying Nelson Mandela in the movie Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom 2014-01-20 15:11:15 http://macbeanie.tumblr.com/post/73010223638 Dusky Leaf Monkey http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/dusky-leaf-monkey/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/dusky-leaf-monkey/ The dusky leaf monkey is a species of primate in the Cercopithecidae family. It is found in Malaysia, Burma, and Thailand. What an adorable monkey. 2014-01-17 14:44:30 http://500px.com/photo/39372902 Reggae Beach http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/reggae-beach-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/reggae-beach-1/ Reggae Beach is a 250 acre property located in Jamaica, mid-way between Ocho Rios and Oracabessa. The beach is a beautiful long stretch of sand protected by cliffs on either end. While at the beach, enjoy soft reggae music and great Jamaican hospitality as you cool out under a palm tree with a fresh fruit cocktail from the Village Beach Bar. 2013-12-17 16:47:26 http://www.jamaica-land-we-love.com/reggae-beach.html Divi Aruba - Oranjestad, Aruba http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/divi-aruba-oranjestad-aruba-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/divi-aruba-oranjestad-aruba-1/ The water’s the thing in Aruba—aqua-tinted and so ridiculously clear you can inspect your pedicure when you’re in it up to your chin. Though families and honeymooners outnumber other guests, the vibe remains mellow and beach-focused, not frantic with kiddie activities or bass-thumping nightlife. 2013-12-17 16:47:08 http://www.diviaruba.com/ Panda http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/panda/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/panda/ I love Panda's. Such beautiful animals. 2013-12-12 14:59:38 http://peachy-blisss.tumblr.com/post/22040052168/if-you-want-to-see-more-posts-like-this-click Koala Bear http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/koala-bear/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/koala-bear/ I think Koala Bear's are such beautiful animals. 2013-11-19 14:21:09 http://www.flickr.com/photos/picturejourneys/2638275366/in/photostream/ Gorillas http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/gorillas/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/gorillas/ Gorillas are beautiful animals. The closest relatives of gorillas are chimpanzees and humans, all of the Hominidae having diverged from a common ancestor about 7 million years ago 2013-11-14 15:39:12 http://www.flickr.com/photos/sdzooglobal/6925726712/ Zebras http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/zebras-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/zebras-1/ The beauty of a zebra still stuns me. 2013-11-13 15:56:14 http://lalulutres.tumblr.com/post/55355746660 Horses http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/horses/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/horses/ Close up of two beautiful horses. 2013-10-31 14:14:18 http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/originals/4f/1b/19/4f1b19e518b0de88812fb400af5de533.jpg San Francisco, California, USA http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/san-francisco-california-usa/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/san-francisco-california-usa/ Today, San Francisco is one of the top tourist destinations in the world, ranking 35th out of the 100 most visited cities worldwide, and is renowned for its cool summers, fog, steep rolling hills, eclectic mix of architecture, and landmarks including the Golden Gate Bridge, cable cars, Alcatraz Island and its former prison, and its Chinatown. 2012-09-21 18:29:19 http://mcmanuslab.ucsf.edu/SF Beautiful baby polar bear http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/beautiful-baby-polar-bear/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/beautiful-baby-polar-bear/ Adorable picture of a beautiful baby polar bear. 2013-09-23 14:18:25 http://animals.loepr.com/top-40-baby-animals-pictures/ Gulf Shores, Alabama, USA http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/gulf-shores-alabama-usa/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/gulf-shores-alabama-usa/ The shores of the Gulf look beautiful. Gulf Shores is a coastal city in Alabama, United States. Ocean fishing, beaches, and especially golf are three major draws for the area. 2012-11-01 17:50:28 http://www.flickr.com/photos/22565768@N04/4761715282/ African Lion http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/african-lion/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/african-lion/ The angle of this photograph is beautiful. Nothing more majestic than the African Lion - king of the jungle. 2013-05-28 13:46:32 http://hecklinghyena.deviantart.com/art/African-Lion-7-343701701 Istanbul http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/istanbul/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/istanbul/ Istanbul is an enchanting blend of Eastern and Western culture, a vibrant, modern city, with a unique identity. Although no longer the capital of Turkey, Istanbul still remains the country's cultural and business centre. Istanbul is high on my list of places I would like to travel to. 2013-04-02 13:31:11 http://www.lonelyplanet.com/turkey/istanbul Al Pacino http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/al-pacino/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/al-pacino/ Born April 25, 1940, Alfredo James "Al" Pacino is an American film and stage actor and director. Al Pacino may be most famous for playing mobsters, including Michael Corleone in The Godfather trilogy and Tony Montana in Scarface. Nominated for many awards during his career, Al Pacino has also won many awards, including: - Eight Oscar nominations (winning one) - 15 Golden Globe nominations (winning four) - Five BAFTA nominations (winning two) 2013-03-02 02:48:59 http://onlygodcan-judgeme.tumblr.com/post/43859894485 A cluster of starfish in crystal clear seawater [photo] http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/a-cluster-of-starfish-in-crystal-clear-seawater-photo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/a-cluster-of-starfish-in-crystal-clear-seawater-photo/ 2013-03-02 01:55:20 http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mcydq1uhZb1qz4g94o1_500.jpg Rayna Maxi Dress by Velvet http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/rayna-maxi-dress-by-velvet/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/rayna-maxi-dress-by-velvet/ I really like this strapless jersey maxi dress I found on ShopBop.com 2013-02-26 21:08:59 http://www.shopbop.com/rayna-dress-velvet/vp/v=1/845524441960166.htm?folderID=2534374302025763&fm=other-shopbysize&colorId=11222 Like cat like kitten http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/like-cat-like-kitten-3/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/like-cat-like-kitten-3/ 2013-02-21 19:39:45 http://thechive.com/2012/03/22/daily-afternoon-randomness-51-photos-5/add-dars-6/ 33 Different Cupcake Recipes to Try http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/33-different-cupcake-recipes-to-try-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/33-different-cupcake-recipes-to-try-1/ I just might have to try some of these for a dinner party dessert or an afternoon get together with the ladies 2013-02-21 19:39:07 http://stefansisters.blogspot.ca/2011/05/ming-makes-cupcakes.html Beaches Negril Resort & Spa - Seven-Mile Beach, Negril, Jamaica http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/beaches-negril-resort-spa-seven-mile-beach-negril-jamaica-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/beaches-negril-resort-spa-seven-mile-beach-negril-jamaica-1/ The recently renovated Beaches Negril sits on the glorious expanse of Seven-Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica. This All Inclusive Resort is at the top of the Winter Getaway list. 2013-02-21 19:36:40 http://www.beaches.com/main/ng/ng-home.cfm James dean taking a break for some milk and cookies http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/james-dean-taking-a-break-for-some-milk-and-cookies/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/james-dean-taking-a-break-for-some-milk-and-cookies/ Maybe best know for his role as Jim Stark in the film, Rebel Without a Cause (1955), James Dean was the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor. 2013-02-17 04:01:14 http://hotphotography.tumblr.com/post/35558140791 Paul Newman. Ready to get his race on in 1978 http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/paul-newman-ready-to-get-his-race-on-in-1978/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/paul-newman-ready-to-get-his-race-on-in-1978/ Paul Leonard Newman was an American actor, film director, entrepreneur, and humanitarian 2013-01-27 04:25:55 http://theimpossiblecool.tumblr.com/post/8171022324/newman-1978 The Roxbury in the Catskills http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/the-roxbury-in-the-catskills-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/the-roxbury-in-the-catskills-1/ 2013-01-24 20:48:32 http://theroxburymotel.com/Home/ Destin Beach, Florida http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/destin-beach-florida/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/destin-beach-florida/ Florida's Emerald Coast features the vacation destination of Destin Beach. Destin is known for its white beaches and emerald green waters. Originating as a small fishing village, it is now a popular Florida tourist destination. 2013-01-07 20:29:29 http://www.i-newswire.com/florida-destination-destin-beach/74356 Antigua - Antigua & Barbuda http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/antigua-antigua-barbuda/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/antigua-antigua-barbuda/ Antigua is the main island of the country of Antigua and Barbuda. Antigua is a luxury Caribbean escape and I cannot wait to be able to travel here. 2012-10-01 19:15:21 http://www.jetsetway.com/entries/antigua-and-montserrat-volcano Like cat like kitten http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/like-cat-like-kitten-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/like-cat-like-kitten-1/ 2012-11-30 20:08:48 http://thechive.com/2012/03/22/daily-afternoon-randomness-51-photos-5/add-dars-6/ Barbados http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/barbados-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/barbados-1/ I would one day love to visit the white sandy beaches of Barbados. I love the Caribbean and this is one stop on my travel bucket list. 2012-11-29 21:22:23 Cute Skateboarding Puppy http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-pets/cute-skateboarding-puppy-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-pets/cute-skateboarding-puppy-1/ Bulldog puppy ready to shred on his favourite toy. 2012-11-28 18:47:01 http://imgfave.com/view/2365229 Matthew McConaughey http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/matthew-mcconaughey/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/matthew-mcconaughey/ Matthew David McConaughey was born November 4, 1969, in Uvalde, Texas. Matthew McConaughey began his acting career in 1991, appearing in television commercials, before being cast in his breakout role in Dazed and Confused.He's most recent acting role was in the movie Magic Mike. Matthew McConaughey's personal motto is "Just Keep Livin". He has a foundation called j.k. livin foundation, which "is dedicated to helping teenage kids lead active lives and make healthy choices to become great men and women." Matthew McConaughey met his wife, Brazilian model and television performer Camila Alves, in 2007, they were married June 9,2012. They currently live in Texas on a ranch with their 2 children, son Levi Alves McConaughey (born July 7, 2008) and daughter Vida Alves McConaughey (born January 3, 2010) 2012-10-09 12:59:07 http://mrpopat.com/wallpaper_collection.php?pid=1&cid=145&sid=296 Abu Simbel Temples, Egypt http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/abu-simbel-temples-egypt/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/abu-simbel-temples-egypt/ There are several beautiful points of interest in Egypt and although the Abu Simbel Temples, located in Nubia, southern Egypt, may not be as well known as the Great Pyramids of Giza or the Sphinx, they definitely rank highly in terms of beauty. Need to get to Egypt! 2012-11-22 14:54:40 http://bestplaceworld.com/?p=83 Way too cute! Golden hold head of a horse http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-pets/way-too-cute-golden-hold-head-of-a-horse-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-pets/way-too-cute-golden-hold-head-of-a-horse-1/ 2012-11-22 14:48:20 http://myfrenchcountryhome.blogspot.ca/2012/03/dog-has-to-do-what-dog-has-to-do.html Cute lion cub walking down the road http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/cute-lion-cub-walking-down-the-road/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/cute-lion-cub-walking-down-the-road/ So cute! A tiny lion cub walking down the road with two lionesses. 2012-11-16 00:03:46 http://thefabweb.com/63011/30-best-animal-pictures-of-the-week-nov-3rd-to-nov-9th-2012/ Plitvice Lakes, Croatia http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/plitvice-lakes-croatia/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/plitvice-lakes-croatia/ Plitvice Lakes is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. The Plitvice Lakes are situated in Like, a mountainous area of Croatia and can be divided up into 16 individual lakes, all of which flow into the Korana River. What a beautiful place, I will get there some day. 2012-11-15 21:11:03 http://bestplaceworld.com/?p=92 Peanut Butter Cup Brownies http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/peanut-butter-cup-brownies-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/peanut-butter-cup-brownies-1/ I have made these they are so good, you will want to make more. 2012-11-15 21:07:15 http://www.bakedperfection.com/2009/07/peanut-butter-cup-brownies.html Petra, Jordan http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/petra-jordan/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/petra-jordan/ Known for its archaeological sites, Petra is located on Mount Hor was almost completely unknown to those outside of Jordan until the early 19th century. Petra has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. I would love to visit one day! 2012-11-13 21:02:35 http://bestplaceworld.com/?p=66 Alexander Skarsgard http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/alexander-skarsgard/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/alexander-skarsgard/ Alexander Johan Hjalmar Skarsgård is a Swedish actor. He is best known for his roles as vampire Eric Northman on the HBO series True Blood, and Meekus in Zoolander. Alexander Skarsgard was born August 25, 1976 in Stockholm. Sweden. A director friend of his father gave Skarsgård his first acting role when he was seven years old. Alexander Skarsgard has been named the Sexiest Man in Sweden five times. 2012-10-30 21:02:41 http://www.zimbio.com/Alexander+Skarsgard/pictures/pro Mexico City, Mexico http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/mexico-city-mexico/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/mexico-city-mexico/ Mexico City is a federal entity within Mexico which is not part of any of the Mexican states but belongs to the federation as a whole. Mexico City is the country's largest city as well as its most important political, cultural, educational and financial center. Mexico City is rich in history and culture, adding it to my travel bucket list. 2012-10-30 17:56:47 http://www.walldesk.com.br/papel-de-parede/wallpapers-arquitetura-civil-08.asp?f=5135 Los Angeles, California http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/los-angeles-california/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/los-angeles-california/ A fantastic place to live and work, Los Angeles is the home of movie stars, beach-goers and tourists! LA is the most populous city in the US state of California and the second most populous in the United States. 2012-10-26 19:09:38 http://www.tourificescapes.com/la-guide/guide-los-angeles/ Toronto, Ontario, Canada http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/toronto-ontario-canada/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/toronto-ontario-canada/ Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the provincial capital of Ontario. Toronto is located in Southern Ontario on the northwestern shore of Lake Ontario.This modern city is definitely on my list of places to visit, 2012-10-24 14:29:06 http://500px.com/photo/407468 Walt Disney World http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/walt-disney-world/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/walt-disney-world/ Didn't make it there as a kid so Walt Disney World is definitely on my list of places I want to get to one day. Everyone loves Disney World! 2012-10-16 20:46:14 http://www.fanpop.com/spots/disneyland/images/1203362/title/disney-castle-photo?ir=true Chris Meloni http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/chris-meloni/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/chris-meloni/ Christopher Peter Meloni is an American actor. He is best known for his television roles as NYPD Detective Elliot Stabler on the NBC police drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Chris Meloni was born April 2, 1961 in Washington, DC. Chris Meloni is married to production designer Sherman Williams and they have two children, a daughter Sophia Eva Meloni born March 23, 2000 and a son Dante Meloni born January 2, 2004. 2012-10-15 12:38:57 http://allthingslawandorder.blogspot.ca/2010/02/chris-meloni-announces-intention-to.html Palm Beach - Aruba http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/palm-beach-aruba/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/palm-beach-aruba/ Beautiful Palm Beach Aruba is a city northwest of Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. The beaches of Aruba are widely considered to be among the cleanest, widest, and most spectacular in the Caribbean region, definitely want to travel there one day. 2012-10-12 16:04:53 http://www.hotelsoftherichandfamous.com/travel/Caribbean/Aruba/Palm-Beach/Hotels/Radisson-Aruba-Resort-Casino-and-Spa Hong Kong, Hong Kong http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/hong-kong-hong-kong/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/hong-kong-hong-kong/ Hong Kong is a unique and fascinating glimpse at the collision of Western and Eastern cultures, of capitalism and communism, of ancient values mixed with the mores of the modern world. 2012-09-27 14:52:24 http://www.destination360.com/asia/china/hong-kong Zayn Malik from One Direction http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/zayn-malik-from-one-direction/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/zayn-malik-from-one-direction/ Zayn Malik was born January 12, 1993 in Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. He auditioned as solo candidate for the seventh series of British television music competition The X Factor, where he met the other members of One Direction. In May 2012, Malik confirmed he is dating Little Mix member Perrie Edwards. 2012-09-25 21:02:36 http://www.twistmagazine.com/2012/06/twist-news-zayn-malik-wants-to-cut-off-his-hair.html Prince Harry of Wales http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/prince-harry-of-wales/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/fave-celebs/prince-harry-of-wales/ Prince Harry was born September 15 1984 at St.Mary's Hospital in Paddinton, London. Prince Harry entered the Royal Military Academy on May 8 2005, where he was know as Officer Cadet Wales, by April 2008 Price Harry was promoted to the rank of lieutenant presently Prince Henry of Wales is Captain to The Blues and Royals Army Air Corps. Prince Harry's full royal title is " His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales". Prince Harry is currently not dating any one and has been keeping a low profile since his brother Prince Williams wedding. 2012-09-20 13:52:09 http://society.ezinemark.com/prince-harry-ten-best-things-7736a8d0952d.html The French Cover for iPad http://www.favething.com/m-davis/techno-style/the-french-cover-for-ipad/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/techno-style/the-french-cover-for-ipad/ A solid wood frame guarantees a perfect hold while allowing access to switches and ports. Even the rear camera can be used without removing your iPad from its cover. Handled like a book, providing all-round protection, the French Cover makes the use of your iPad more discreet, safer and easier. 2012-07-31 20:20:27 http://www.thefrenchcover.com/french-cover-ipad2-new-ipad Four Seasons Tented Camp Golden Triangle in Chiang Rai, Thailand http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/four-seasons-tented-camp-golden-triangle-in-chiang-rai-thailand/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/four-seasons-tented-camp-golden-triangle-in-chiang-rai-thailand/ This all-inclusive Four Seasons adventures cover every detail, from drinks and dining to river boat excursions to meet local hill tribes. Amid exotic bamboo jungles, where Thailand, Laos and Myanmar converge by the Mekong river, enjoy hours interacting with elephants in this unforgettable experience. This is a spectacular and unique experience awaiting the more active at the safari-style Four Seasons Tented Camp. Über-luxe seclusion with plush beds, deep, hand-hammered copper baths, jungle trekking atop elephants, sunrise breakfasts, sunset rafting, and village and market visits. All-inclusive accommodation starts about $2,000 per night 2012-06-21 13:18:53 http://www.thejoysoftraveling.com/unmissable/ Banana Caramel Cream Dessert http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/banana-caramel-cream-dessert/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/banana-caramel-cream-dessert/ Check it out! 2012-03-27 03:27:11 http://glorioustreats.blogspot.ca/2012/03/banana-caramel-cream-dessert.html Messenia Region, Peloponnese, Greece http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/messenia-region-peloponnese-greece/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/i-will-get-there/messenia-region-peloponnese-greece/ Whitewashed houses, sapphire blue seas and fresh green pine scented hills are just the beginning. While I travel to Messenia I'm told I'll see ancient archaeological sites, sugar cube houses and quaint fishing villages that will offer much for me to see and do. Ancient stone buildings with bright blue shutters, a countryside full of olive groves and lean cypress trees: these are just a few of the captivating sights I want to see while I vacation in the region of Messinia, Greece. 2012-06-18 01:29:25 http://www.promote-greece.com/ Herd of African elephants traveling [B&W photo] http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/herd-of-african-elephants-traveling-b-w-photo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/herd-of-african-elephants-traveling-b-w-photo/ Beautiful back and white photograph of a herd of African elephants traveling in a line on the savanna. 2012-06-11 18:16:37 http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/beautiful-black-and-white-photography-of-animals/ Baby Pygmy Hippo http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/baby-pygmy-hippo/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/baby-pygmy-hippo/ Harry the 3-month-old pygmy hippo calf is in good hands with his handlers at the Cango Wildlife Ranch in South Africa. Harry, a pygmy hippo calf, was rejected by his mother, Hilda, shortly after being born and now receives round-the-clock care from the well trained staff. 2012-06-09 18:38:52 http://animaltracks.today.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/03/29/10925447-harry-the-baby-pygmy-hippo-gives-kisses-takes-a-bath?lite "The Scream" by Edvard Munch http://www.favething.com/m-davis/painting/the-scream-by-edvard-munch/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/painting/the-scream-by-edvard-munch/ The only privately owned version of "The Scream" went up for auction today by Sotheby's. It became the most expensive painting sold at auction - fetching $107 million. "The Scream" was sold by Norwegian Peter Olsen. Olsen's father was a patron of Munch and bought "The Scream" to help the artist reputation. 2012-05-03 02:49:35 http://chezlorraine.wordpress.com/2011/02/18/more-than-a-mere-photograph/ Mini Oreo Cheesecakes http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/mini-oreo-cheesecakes/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/mini-oreo-cheesecakes/ 2012-04-23 18:42:49 http://sprinklecharms.blogspot.ca/2012/02/mini-oreo-cheescakes.html Rare white killer whale http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/rare-white-killer-whale/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/beautiful-animals/rare-white-killer-whale/ Scientists from the universities of Moscow and St Petersburg have published video of the first-ever, adult, all-white orca bull 2012-04-23 18:15:18 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/wildlife/9220515/Rare-white-killer-whale-caught-on-video.html Polar bear giving a bear hug to a husky dog http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/polar-bear-giving-a-bear-hug-to-a-husky-dog/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/polar-bear-giving-a-bear-hug-to-a-husky-dog/ I never thought I'd see a polar bear giving a hug to a husky dog. I sure hope the dog came though this encounter with the bear alright. 2012-04-19 04:01:13 http://www.dogmine.com/index.php/2009/08/23/polar-bear-and-dog/ Swimming pig http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/swimming-pig/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/swimming-pig/ A little piglet going for a swim in clear tropical waters. Cute! Fave pic. 2012-04-19 03:21:14 http://surf-sand-summer.tumblr.com/post/21355802695 Cute baby elephant playing in the ocean surf http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/cute-baby-elephant-playing-in-the-ocean-surf/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/animals-do-the-darndest-things/cute-baby-elephant-playing-in-the-ocean-surf/ Now this is fun he's thinking. This guy is having a riot! 2012-04-05 01:05:14 http://thechive.com/2012/03/22/daily-afternoon-randomness-51-photos-5/the-thursday-dar-18-2/ Carrot Pineapple Cake http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/carrot-pineapple-cake/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/desert-recipes/carrot-pineapple-cake/ Delicious. Try the addition of pineapple to this carrot cake recipe is a real nice twist. 2012-03-27 04:35:29 http://www.jamhands.net/2008/02/finally-carrot-pineapple-cake-that-i.html Love this shear lace top http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/love-this-shear-lace-top/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/clothes-for-summer-in-london-town/love-this-shear-lace-top/ I'm not sure about this particular jean shorts but this shear lace top will be an addition to my summer wardrobe. 2012-03-27 03:50:11 http://live-breathe-fashion.tumblr.com/post/18742730271 Kitten on piano http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/kitten-on-piano-1/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/kitten-on-piano-1/ 2012-03-27 03:45:04 http://fearlessskyscraper.tumblr.com/post/18565433049 Kitten on piano http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/kitten-on-piano/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/cute-and-funny-cats/kitten-on-piano/ 2012-03-27 03:44:47 http://fearlessskyscraper.tumblr.com/post/18565433049 My goodness what an absolutely perfect spring outfit http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/my-goodness-what-an-absolutely-perfect-spring-outfit/ http://www.favething.com/m-davis/spring-clothes-shopping/my-goodness-what-an-absolutely-perfect-spring-outfit/ The large woolen sweater. Over a sheer blouse with a vintage print. Knee high stockings with leather platform heels. A large tan leather bag. And a neutral colour umbrella. Who is this woman? I want her to dress me! 2012-03-26 23:37:09 http://impreppyandiknowit.tumblr.com/post/19235314553