The Crib - the enviresponsible shelter

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The Crib - the enviresponsible shelter
Brand / Company: Enviresponsible Shelters
Product / Service: The Crib
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I'm not normally drawn to more modern designs but this small cabin really caught my eye.

Use it for a small weekend cabin, a backyard office, a studio, or a small guest house - the Crib is a sharp choice with a small ecological footprint. Designed for both flexibility and eco-friendliness, the Crib is fabricated off-site and assembled where ever you desire. Enviresponsible Shelters offers three models ranging from 315 sq. ft. to 650 sq. ft. total. The Basic Crib is 315 total sq. ft.. The Full Crib is 450 sq. ft. total area. The Extended Crib offers 650 sq. feet of total space. The Crib offers many options and can be outfitted with a hidden kitchen, a bathroom on the lower level, a 140 sq. ft. deck accessible via a glass and metal garage door, and a loft with either 60 sq. ft. or 120 sq. ft. of space.

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The Crib - the enviresponsible shelter  - Small Cabins
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The Crib - the enviresponsible shelter  - Small Cabins
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