Taste of Sping Combo

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Sourced from: omahasteaks.com
Taste of Sping Combo
Brand / Company: Omaha Steaks
Product / Service: Taste of Sping Combo
Price: $109.99 USD

This meat and seafood combo for the grill looks fantastic. And I great price.

The taste of spring combo includes: Filet mignons, top sirloins, stuffed sole with scallops and crabmeat, boneless pork chops, Omaha steak burgers, and gourmet jumbo franks. On top of this potatoes au gratin comes with the combo.

Omaha Steaks, Taste of Sping Combo, filet mignon, Sirloin, Scallops, Crab, Pork chops
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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Taste of Sping Combo - Online Groceries
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Taste of Sping Combo - Online Groceries
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Taste of Sping Combo - Online Groceries
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