Surge Multi-Tool

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Surge Multi-Tool
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Brand / Company: Leatherman
Product / Service: Surge
Price: $105.95 USD
Rating From Rob White
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A heavy-duty multi-tool that has 21 tools in one!

The Leatherman Surge is one of my favorite multi-tools. Not only is it one of Leatherman's largest multi-tools, but it is built with the largest pliers, longest muti-tool blades and easy-to-use locks. This makes it very versatile for many applications.

Some of my favorite features are the unique blade exchanger, replaceable premium wire cutters and four outside-opening blades give you quick access to the tools I use most.

The following tools are included: needle-nose pliers, regular pliers, premium replaceable wire cutters, premium replaceable hardwire cutters, stranded-wire cutters, electrical crimper, wire stripper, 420HC knife, 420HC serrated knight, saw, spring-action scissors, awl with thread loop, a 8 inch ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, blade exchanger, large bit driver, large screwdriver, and a small screw driver.

This multi-tool comes in two colors, black and stainless steel. I personally prefer the black. When engraved, I think this multi-tool makes an excellent gift for dudes.

I love that Surge was built for tough jobs and the hands that do them. It has unsurpassed durability. If anyone else is interested in the Surge multi-tool from Leatherman, check out the images up above!


- 21 tools in one
- Available in two different colors
- Quality build with exceptional durability

Bottom Line:

I love the reliability that this multi-tool has. It is built tough for all kinds of jobs. I really recommend it.

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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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