Rally Fighter by Local Motors

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Sourced from: trucktrend.com
Rally Fighter by Local Motors
Brand / Company: Local Motors
Product / Service: Rally Figher
Price: $75,000 USD

Make your own Rally Figher - Local Motors wicked croud-sourced design

There are a couple big difference between Local Motors and other car manufacturers. First, the design came about through crowed-sourcing. By opening up the design on the Web over 10,000 designs were submitted. Allowing the the coolest ones to rise to the top based on their popularity the design for the Rally Fighter was decided on and became a rolling reality. Second, is that the price includes a trip to their factory to learn the ins and outs of the Rally Fighter. You need to to learn all about it because you’re required to build it yourself. Local Motors have created a Frankenstein monster of a hybrid car - truck by taking parts from across several companies and platforms to create a capable rally-ready, street legal vehicle. The result is a go anywhere 430 hp vehicle with a design that no corporate committee would ever come to consensus on. And it can be yours. You just got to build it.

Local Motors, Rally Figher, DIY, Croud-sourced
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Rob White
Boulder, CO, USA
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Rally Fighter by Local Motors - Crowd-sourced Design
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2015 Ford F-150 Revealed  - Trucks Rally Fighter by Local Motors - Crowd-sourced Design
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Rally Fighter by Local Motors - Crowd-sourced Design
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