Bio Trainer 1

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Bio Trainer 1
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Brand / Company: FIET
Product / Service: Bio Trainer 1
Price: $425 USD
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Handmade Bio Trainer 1 Shoes

The Bio Trainer 1 is 100% handmade. It is hand sewn from a single piece of vegetable dyed suede or leather and features a buffalo leather footbed that provides padding, absorbs sweat and breathes as it does in nature.

After a lengthy design process we developed our own 100% natural latex rubber sole made out of the milk of Hevea Brasiliensis (The rubber tree).

The milk, is harvested by hand, and then is poured into steel molds immersed in warm water. After one hour the sole is transferred into a cold water bath. Cold water immersion lasts up to 24 hours and helps to keep the pores open while the material cures.

The soles are then placed into a hot air dryer which is lined with hundreds of wooden shelves like a bakery. After 24 hours of drying, the soles are immersed again into the cold water for one week until they are trimmed and inspected for imperfections.

This two week journey results in a light and naturally flexible sole that contains no plastic.

These shoes are not for the gym, or an aggressive jog, but this shoe will keep you comfortable and cool.

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Bio Trainer 1 - Man Style
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Bio Trainer 1 - Man Style
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