Indo Board Pro Training Package

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Indo Board Pro Training Package
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Brand / Company: Indo Board
Product / Service: Indo Pro Training Package
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A perfect training board for surfers looking to hone their cross-stepping skills or balance, or even for a great workout!

If you’re off the water over winter, Indo Boards are an excellent way to maintain your co-ordination, board skills, core strength, balance, reactions! But they offer so much more than just that. Whether you're a surfer like me, or just someone looking for a workout or assistance in active recovery from an injury or illness, this balance board can help!

This Indo Board Pro Training Package comes with a 42'' x 15'' wood deck, a 8-1/2'' diameter Pro roller and our 24'' diameter 'Gigante' cushion. It lets the rider to use either the roller or the cushion under the deck to create a different training experience.

The Indo Pro is generally ideal for big riders like me, 6ft tall and over, due to the larger deck that allows for a wider stance and greater stability. I think it's also better for more advanced strength training movements like lunges and weighted squats. The roller has a larger diameter which may be intimidating since it puts you higher off the floor than the Original roller, but it is slower due to the increased weight of the deck and roller.

If anyone else is interested in the Indo Pro Training Package by Indo Board, check out the source link up above!


- Available in 3 different color options.
- Comes with a 42" x 15" wood deck, an 8-1/2” diameter Pro roller and a 24” diameter Gigante’ cushion.
- The perfect set up for any board sport athlete (regardless of height) that is looking to take their training to the next level.

Bottom Line:

I really like using this for exercise and honing my abilities. I recommend it to those interested!

Indo Pro Training Package, Balance Board, Indo Board
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Indo Board Pro Training Package - Fitness Equipment for Home Gym
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Indo Board Pro Training Package - Fitness Equipment for Home Gym
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