Retro 1984 Honda XL 250 by C2R Custom

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Sourced from: Oliver Thompson
Retro 1984 Honda XL 250 by C2R Custom
Retro 1984 Honda XL 250 by C2R Custom - Image 2
Retro 1984 Honda XL 250 by C2R Custom - Image 3

1984 Honda Retro Motorcycle Makeover to take over the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil

The financial centre of Brazil, Sao Paulo. Sao Paulo is no place for a Sportbike and Cruisers are just too big. So local Carlos Eduardo Manso has built a go anywhere urban assault motorcycle that can squeeze through the tight spaces, handle the potholed back alleys and look the goods while doing so.

It’s a 1984 Honda XL 250 that’s been given a custom make over with tip of the cap to the VMX scene and it’s ready to take to the streets. Unlike Argentina and Colombia, the new wave of custom motorcycles is only just catching on in Brazil and being the smart man he is Carlos has founded C2R Custom to service this growing market.

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Oliver Thompson

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