Water Ski Adirondack Chair

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Brand / Company: Boat House Chair Company
Product / Service: Water ski Adirondack chair
Price: $650 USD

Adirondack chairs made from genuine recycled water skis

As far as water-skiing goes there are other water sports that prefer. But recycled water skis sure make for great looking Adirondack chairs. Each deck chair is a one-of-a-kind work of art, made from 7 to 8 vintage water skis. This water ski Adirondack chair would look fantastic on our deck.

Water ski chair, Adirondack chairs, Water-skiing, Recycled, Vintage, Deck chair, Furniture
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Olivia Campbell
San Diego, CA, USA
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Water Ski Adirondack Chair - Outdoor sitting areas
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Water Ski Adirondack Chair - Outdoor sitting areas
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