Envelop Chair

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Sourced from: hermanmiller.com
Envelop Chair
Brand / Company: Herman Miller
Product / Service: Envelop Desk
Price: $960 CAD
Rating From Matthew Sedore
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Perfectly Designed For Comfort

The first table designed to work with your chair and your body to help you have a greater ergonomic comfort. Envelop Desk is minimalist, elegant and harmonizes perfectly as a standalone desktop at home or office. Designed for use with an ergonomic chair, the Envelop Desk provides support in any seated position. It´s top, with a cutout "U" fits perfectly around the body of the user, who simply "dresses" the table.

awesome furniture, envelope chair, design, comfort, ergonomics, minimalist, desk, office table
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Faved November, 26 2012 by:

Matthew Sedore
New York City, NY, USA
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Envelop Chair - Awesome furniture
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Envelop Chair - Awesome furniture
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