Camshaft Lamp

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Camshaft Lamp
Brand / Company: Classified Moto
Product / Service: Camshaft Lamp
Price: $229 CAD
Rating From Matthew Sedore
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Made By Classified Moto

Classified Moto besides doing some serious motorbike conversions also make some very cool pieces of furniture. They have added some new pieces to their collection, including this "Camshaft Lamp", a sleek and simple lamp that combines a well-used brake rotor with a vintage Japanese camshaft! Great use again, rescuing old motorbike parts from rusting away. They clean and polish each part to a handsome finish while leaving dings, nicks and scratches as signs of the lamp's glory days on the road.

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Faved December, 19 2012 by:

Matthew Sedore
New York City, NY, USA
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Camshaft Lamp - Awesome furniture
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Camshaft Lamp - Awesome furniture
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