4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack

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4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack
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Brand / Company: Poo-Pourri
Product / Service: 4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack
Price: $22 USD
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Coconut and lavender scented hand sanitizer that leaves hands soft and germ-free!

As hand sanitizer becomes all the more important in our daily lives, I have made it a little challenge to find the perfect hand sanitizer! The 4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack from Poo-Pourri has become one of my most fave products as it features moisture replacing ingredients to reduce drying and redness. One of the biggest problems I had with most hand sanitizer products was that they would dry out my hands, but not this!

In addition, this hand sanitizer combo is made with soothing lavender and coconut essential oils that smell amazing and promote calmness and comfort. This leaves my hands very soft and germ-free without having to wait for it to dry for long.

This hand sanitizer is made with all naturally derived ingredients and has a 65% ethyl alcohol content to destroy 99.99% of germs in under 15 seconds.

If anyone else is interested in checking out the 4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack from Poo-Pourri, click on the images up above! It is currently on sale for 20% off, and includes a cute pocket-sized Poo-Pourri.


- On sale for 20% off
- Made with natural essential oils
- 65% ethyl alcohol content
- No-rinse, quick-drying spray formula
- Leaves hands soft with moisture replacing ingredients
- 2-pack

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this hand sanitizer pack for those who have struggled with dry or red hands after using other brands of sanitizer. This will leave your hands feeling soft, and most importantly, make you feel safe knowing your hands are clean.

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Miami, FL, USA
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4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack - Most fave products
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4oz Hand Sanitizer 2-Pack - Most fave products
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