Lights All Night Long by Lydia Fitzpatrick

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Lights All Night Long by Lydia Fitzpatrick
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A gripping and deftly plotted narrative of family and belonging!

Lights All Night Long is a dazzling debut novel from an acclaimed young writer, Lydia Fitzpatrick. It's a very new release, but has a surprising amount of good reviews. It sounds like it will be a real page turner from start to finish! I can't wait to read through it this season.

As stated on the Barnes and Noble website, the summary for Lights All Night Long is:

"Fifteen-year-old Ilya arrives in Louisiana from his native Russia for what should be the adventure of his life: a year in America as an exchange student. The abundance of his new world—the Super Walmarts and heated pools and enormous televisions—is as hard to fathom as the relentless cheerfulness of his host parents. And Sadie, their beautiful and enigmatic daughter, has miraculously taken an interest in him.

But all is not right in Ilya's world: he's consumed by the fate of his older brother Vladimir, the magnetic rebel to Ilya's dutiful wunderkind, back in their tiny Russian hometown. The two have always been close, spending their days dreaming of escaping to America. But when Ilya was tapped for the exchange, Vladimir disappeared into their town's seedy, drug-plagued underworld. Just before Ilya left, the murders of three young women rocked the town's usual calm, and Vladimir found himself in prison.

With the help of Sadie, who has secrets of her own, Ilya embarks on a mission to prove Vladimir's innocence. Piecing together the timeline of the murders and Vladimir's descent into addiction, Ilya discovers the radical lengths to which Vladimir has gone to protect him—a truth he could only have learned by leaving him behind.

A rich tale of belonging and the pull of homes both native and adopted, Lights All Night Long is a spellbinding story of the fierce bond between brothers determined to find a way back to each other."

If anyone else is interested in checking out the book Lights All Night Long by Lydia Fitzpatrick, please click the image up above! It is currently on sale for 30% off!


- New release
- Dazzling debut novel from an acclaimed young writer
- On sale for 30% off

Bottom Line:

I can't wait to read this book!

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