Messenia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

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Messenia Region, Peloponnese, Greece

Glossa beach (tongue) is one of the most beautiful and breath-taking beaches in all of Greece.

Whitewashed houses, sapphire blue seas and fresh green pine scented hills are just the beginning. While I travel to Messenia I'm told I'll see ancient archaeological sites, sugar cube houses and quaint fishing villages that will offer much for me to see and do. Ancient stone buildings with bright blue shutters, a countryside full of olive groves and lean cypress trees: these are just a few of the captivating sights I want to see while I vacation in the region of Messinia, Greece.

Messenia Region, Peloponnese, Greece, Glossa beach, Travel, Vacation
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Messenia Region, Peloponnese, Greece - I will get there
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