2019 Honda Monkey motorbike

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Sourced from: powersports.honda.com
2019 Honda Monkey motorbike
2019 Honda Monkey motorbike - Image 2
2019 Honda Monkey motorbike - Image 3
Brand / Company: Honda
Product / Service: 2019 Monkey motorcycle
Price: $3,999 USD
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A pint-sized icon with modern upgrades!

The original Honda Monkey was a 1960's hit as an amusement park ride. That's why Honda has decided to introduce the all-new 2019 Honda Money with the same retro feel, but built for the way we ride today. It is available in two different colour choices, yellow and red.

I love the look and feel that the Honda Monkey motorbike gives off. It's pint-sized, yet a beast in its own way. It has all the features you'd expect on a full-size motorcycle, such as: USD forks, LED lighting, disc brakes all around, and ABS compliment the 9.25 horsepower, and a 125cc single lunger motor. I would love to get myself a Honda Monkey!

Though I think of it as a "mini-bike", there's just something so alluring about it. The beefy tires, the sleek and compact design. It's really awesome looking. It's really a modern machine in spite of its small size and classic design.

If anyone else is interested in the Honda Monkey, check out the source link above! I'll be keeping my eye on this bike.


- Available in two different colours.
- Pint-sized yet has all the features of a full-size motorcycle.
- Retro look.

Bottom Line:

Overall, I think Honda has done a great job creating a fully modern machine in spite of its small size and classic design. I love it!

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