Fernie Canvas Print

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Sourced from: liftsandbounds.com
Fernie Canvas Print
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Brand / Company: Lifts and Bounds
Product / Service: Fernie Canvas Print
Price: $250 USD
Rating From Lucas Brown
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A handmade gallery-wrapped print of Fernie's summit in BC, Canada!

I recently purchased the Fernie Canvas Print print from Lifts and Bounds as the newest piece of art for home and cottage decorating. This canvas print features Fernie's summit on the Lizard Range in British Columbia, Canada and gives information on its elevation and length.

I am a huge fan of the fact that all Lifts and Bounds canvas prints are professional, handmade, gallery-wrapped prints.

Not only are these canvas prints museum quality, but they also feature UV-coating that is rated for 75 years! I feel very continent about putting this up in my cottage without worrying about damage or dulling over time.

If anyone else is interested in checking out the Fernie Canvas Print from Lifts and Bounds, click on the images up above. It's available in several different colors, but I personally prefer the sleek look offered by the black color.


- Size and color options available
- Professional, handmade, gallery-wrapped
- Museum quality with UV-coating rated for 75 years

Bottom Line:

I am very pleased with how the print turned out. It looks great!

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Faved June, 25 2020 by:

Lucas Brown
Oakville, ON, CA
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