Unu Electric Scooter

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Sourced from: unumotors.com
Unu Electric Scooter
Unu Electric Scooter - Image 2
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Brand / Company: Unu Motors
Product / Service: Scooter
Price: $2,029 USD
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A clean, silent way to move around the city!

The Unu Electric Scooter is a really cool vehicle. It utilizes a Bosch engine, battery pack, and regenerative braking to make it a perfect green alternative for transportation.

In order to drive the Unu Electric Scooter, you need a regular driver's license since it can be driven at 28 mph with a range of over 30 miles per charge! Pretty neat for an electric scooter. I think it's very well designed with a sleek retro-styling and range of great color choices. It's also a much better financial fit for someone like me, who is looking to offset car usage. It even has a second battery slot to double the range to 100 km that only needs to be charged every 3 days or so!

I'd really love to get one of these electric scooters to make my commute easy. Imagine it: a zero emissions electric scooter hat can do daily commuting and errand-running, can keep up with city traffic, is affordable, and can handle two passengers! Theres almost no reason not to get one! If anyone is interested, check out the source link up above!


- Zero emissions vehicle.
- Second battery slot.
- Multiple colours to choose from.


- Seasonal usage.
- Have to plan around the battery levels.

Bottom Line:

Overall, going green is definitely worth it!

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Unu Electric Scooter - Cool Electric Vehicles
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Unu Electric Scooter - Cool Electric Vehicles
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