Toy Story 4

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Toy Story 4
Brand / Company: Pixar Animation Studios
Product / Service: Toy Story 4
Price: $4.99 - $24.99 USD
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The long awaited finale to Toy Story!

Growing up, I loved the Toy Story movies! I was so excited when Toy Story 4 was unexpectedly announced. It has such a strong emotional fabric woven into a riveting narrative. It's both funny and riveting! I found it really enjoyable, and I think people of all ages would enjoy it.

The description of Toy Story 4, as stated on iTunes, is:

"Pixar Animation Studios proudly presents the adventure of a lifetime! When Woody, Buzz and the gang join Bonnie on a road trip with her new craft-project-turned-toy, Forky, the innocent little spork’s hilarious antics launch Woody on a wild quest filled with unexpected new characters—and one long-lost friend! Toy Story 4 is a soaring masterpiece stuffed with spectacular animation, humor and heart."

If anyone is interested in checking out the adventure of a lifetime, Toy Story 4 from Pixar Animation Studios, click on the image up above.


- Great cast
- Entertaining as both a standalone movie and a finale to the saga
- Perfect for all ages

Bottom Line:

I really recommend this movie! It's the missing piece to a classic saga.

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Toy Story 4 - I love movies!
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